Here comes the sun…
Perhaps because our summer is so hard-earned, we tend to spend our short short season in the sun with such vigor. As this city comes to life with the passing of its brief spring, it burns civic energy with the intensity of children at play. And we play hard, knowing that our solar diversions will turn into wistful memories by December: people watching at sidewalk cafes, passing time in Pritzker Pavilion, cheering the losers from the Wrigley Field bleachers, strolling Navy Pier, gaping at fireworks over the lake, slurping liquid summer at Mario’s Italian Lemonade, bicycling the lakefront, romancing the night at Buckingham Fountain, picnicking at Promontory Point, hunting the best barbecue on the South Side, and, of course, remorselessly killing time at any of the city’s incredible festivals. And we multiply our urban pleasure with weekend getaways, with outdoor excursions that take us out into the natural wonders of this underrated Great Lakes region.

With this site, we offer our user’s manual to the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, carefully concocted by mixing a dose of whimsy and reminiscence with an ample helping of user-friendly tips and event guides. We’ve been doing it in print since 1994—the source of this site’s archives—so we like to consider ourselves “Summer Professionals.”

See you at the beach.

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