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Easy, Breezy and Beautiful: The Brazilian Girl Guide to Summer Fashion

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Pattern skirt Crop topIn summer it’s a lot harder to look elegant and well dressed, but Brazilian women always find a way of incorporating charm into their sensual wardrobe. Easy, breezy and beautiful might as well be their own slogan—under such high temps, light fabrics and effortless styling are a must. Here are a few trends the current girls of Ipanema are embracing in their cool and gentle sway:

Special bras: The recent heat waves in Brazil are creating the perfect storm for their lingerie market. With fine materials such as leather, modern cuts and bright colors, bras have found their place in the sun. Right now it’s hot to show what’s underneath, either through sheer fabrics or by letting a strap peek out.

Cropped tops: Here’s the great advantage of this trend: you don’t really need to be in shape to rock it. Worn with flattering high-waisted bottoms, a shorter top creates a contemporary, feminine and even elegant look—it all depends on the pieces and fabrics you’ll choose. A crochet cropped top paired with high-waisted trousers and a few statement bangles can make a dazzling—and very Brazilian—party outfit.

Denim shorts: Definitely the most democratic piece in a girl’s wardrobe—every Brazilian girl owns at least a pair. They can be destroyed, high-waisted, low rise, boyfriend style, tailored, really short, a tad longer… It doesn’t really matter: just wear it with light pieces and accessories you love.

Espadrilles: Cute, comfortable and cool, espadrilles are perfect to take you everywhere. Since they’re made of canvas and have flexible jute rope soles, they can easily move from the sand to the sidewalk. The sequined and metallic ones can even stretch into the night.

Prints: The world looks more fun and inviting when you’re wearing a colorful outfit. For the bold and fashion-savvy, mixing prints is a must; otherwise just a single bright piece can cheer up your look – and your life!

Now you go, girl! Just mix and match these elements and you’ll be ready to enjoy this summer the Brazilian way.

—By Carolina Agresta/ Edited and translated by Isa Giallorenzo/ Illustration(s)* by Josh Crow


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