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Protest for Success?

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First, Washington, D.C., held the Million Man March. Then, on May 21, Chicago hosted 1,000 Walking Strong, an “economic empowerment” march on City Hall by African-American contractors and small businesspeople. That’s a pretty steep drop-off, but it’s nothing compared with the skimpy protests we might see during the dog days of summer.

Keep an eye out for:

• 500 Strolling By, a Lincoln Park action by nannies who want wider bike paths for their baby strollers.

• 100 Standing Still, a protest at CTA headquarters, by commuters angry about long waits at bus stops.

• 50 Taking a Seat, a sit-in outside Wrigley Field decrying the fact that most of the rooftop bleachers have gone condo.

• 25 Lying Back, a half-baked action in favor of nude sunbathing at Oak Street Beach.

• 10 Snoring Soundly, a City Hall sleep-in for affordable housing.

• 1 Dead in the Street, a posthumous protest on Daley Plaza by a miser mad about the high cost of funerals.
(Frank Sennett)

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